“I am an LMSW who works at an agency serving an elderly population, and can gladly recommend Julie Levine without any hesitation for those who need financial and life management assistance for a client or loved one. I had been working closely with an 89 y.o. client who had a somewhat complicated financial situation requiring focused and constant attention and remediation. The main problem, though, was the stubbornness of this client and unwillingness to delegate any control or trust. At my urging, the client agreed to engage Julie on a trial basis and she quickly won his confidence and trust – making immediate and ongoing changes that have benefited him financially and in terms of the quality and safety of his life. Julie does not shrink from any type challenge and is a fearless, yet fair, advocate on her clients’ behalf. Finally, she has a very strong knowledge of financial, legal and health (insurance and care-related) issues confronting most elderly.” – L. Gile, New York, NY

“Julie organized our life and kept us up to date on all the rules we needed to follow to make the right decisions affecting our health and financial well-being. Best of all, she did it with charm, integrity and an ever-present smile.” – S. Howard, Old Westbury, NY

“Julie handles our day to day finances and tax issues, including communications with our accountant, aids and various vendors. This frees me up to care for my wife and take care of myself. A godsend she is.” – R. Johnson, North Miami Beach, FL

“My wife’s health issues and mounting medical bills became overwhelming for me to manage while still working full time. Since we contracted with Julie, all of our bills are submitted to insurance in a timely manner and she monitors every step of the claim process, including appeals when necessary and negotiating fees with doctors. We now receive every reimbursement due us, and more money in our pocket. Julie’s value pays for itself.” – D. Sharpe, New York, NY

“My finances were in disarray before Julie started working with me. I had many debts and was in danger of losing my house. In a very short period of time, Julie put me on the path to financial solvency. More importantly, she taught me how to sustain these results and be self sufficient. Julie helped me to transform my relationship to money and my family and I are in a much better position for the future as a result.” – M. Silverman, Huntington Station, NY

“Julie Levine stepped in and saved my mom countless hours of time, and a substantial amount of money, dealing with my dad’s pooled trust account. Moreover, Julie went above and beyond by assisting with additional matters. Her advice is sound, and considerate to ones’ needs. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who has the need to simplify their life by organizing their finances.” – B. Milano, Miller Place, NY